I have been delving deeper into the world of fragrances and feeding my addiction to colognes, I decided to do my own blog. I will be doing some reviews, ideas on gifts, as well as some posts about the concept of image/feeling evocation based on aroma.

I believe that people should wear colognes and perfumes not only for others but for themselves. Scent is the most evocative of senses, it links us to the past through memory, to current emotions, and to future desires.

Feel free to submit questions, thoughts, ideas or anything else.


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mr. Burberry - New men's fragrance from Burberry - April 2016!

If you have read my blog you know I love the Burberry cologne line. Fragantica (and every other fragrance website) is reporting that Burberry will be releasing a new men's fragrance - Mr. Burberry (A companion to My Burberry introduced for women in 2014) and a sexier version Mr. Burberry Black.

I am sure Fragantica can do a better job than I can in talking about this. Check it out here.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Week of Burberry - Day Three

 London for Men by Burberry: (Redux). I originally posted this review of London in October of 2012, and my love for it hasn't changed.

This is probably my favorite cologne and the one I wear most often from October through February. When you first spray this on you are hit with lavender and cinnamon, the later being stronger. it then it drys down to leather, tobacco, oak, and something Christmas-y that I can't put my finger on.

This scent is highly evocative to me. It is warm and inviting like a Christmas dinner with family and friends, it is also dark and sensual like a secret kiss in a dark corner of a New Years Eve party. It reminds of of leather jackets and wool scarfs, walks in the snow and taking a day off to go Christmas shopping.

London lasts for a while, and has medium projection.  This is a great scent for the Holidays and a great present for anyone who likes cologne. It is very unlikely that this scent will be too strong or offensive for anyone.

Just a note, I know a few women who wear this, and pull it off very well. Burberry makes a women's version of this that is much more floral and much lighter, so some women might prefer this richer juice.

Added thoughts: Since I posted this review, I have a much wider library of colognes and have sampled probably 200 different scents. I still come back to London when the air is crisp and my favorite time of year comes around.

This scent still evokes holiday thoughts in my head, but it also evokes academia. Walking through the stacks of some old university library. Sitting in on a lecture from some great mind on an esoteric subject. If you like colognes or perfumes and you don't own this, go out and get it. It is, in my opinion, THE classic Fall Scent.


Sillage: 6

Longevity: 7

Flavor: Earthy

Season: Fall and Winter

Overall: 10 out of 10 - One of the best.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Week of Burberry - Day Two

Burberry Brit for Men

Today I am wearing Burberry Brit For Men. I really like this scent. It is masculine but soft. There are complex notes of fruits and wood notes, but also a powdery undercurrent. This is a great all season scent, to wear at work or at home. It is classy more than sexy and confident more than powerful. It is easy to wear and can, in my opinion be worn by men or women.

If you are looking for something new but not to risky, this is a good choice. I also like that they used the Kinks in the commercial!

Sillage: 6 (This projects but not intrusively)
Longevity: 8 (it lasts for a few hours)
Flavor: Woodsy, floral, gourmand

Overall rating 7 out of 10. This is a great addition to any collection, easy to wear but not like every other scent out there. I wear it more often than I plan on wearing because I know I will always be happy with it. Tomorrow is the first day of Fall - time for London!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Week of Burberry - Day One

A Week of Burberry

So Fall is just a few days away and I am looking forward to breaking out my all time favorite scent - Burberry London. When thinking about that, I decided I should post a little more often on this blog.

Burberry is perhaps my favorite cologne brand and I enjoy nearly all of the scents they produce. This week in the lead up to Autumn. I will review many of the scents that I own from Burberry. The wikipedia article on Burberry has some interesting information about the history of the company. Prorsum!

Burberry Brit Rhythm

Today I am wearing Burberry Brit Rhythm. This the newest scent from Burberry, being released in 2013 and it has been marketed very clearly to the club scene/younger crowd as seen in this commercial:

In keeping with this marketing theme, this scent is very youthful and modern. It is yet another clean, crisp scent like everything else on the market these days.

Rhythm starts with a peppery blast that almost has a cucumber smell to it. These top notes last on me for about 15 seconds, then the whole thing dries down to tonka bean and cedar. I don't get much of the leather that they claim is in the scent, nor do I smell any other notes.

I wear this scent on lazy weekends and sometimes at work. It is quiet, and not invasive and doesn't really have anything to distinguish itself from 100 other clean fresh scents.

Sillage: 5 (This projects but not intrusively)
Longevity: 4 (it lasts for a few hours)
Flavor: clean, crisp, midly woodsy

Overall rating 5 out of 10. This is a very functional scent. It is easy to wear, enjoyable to smell, and overall nice. It is popular with younger men 22-29 so it would likely make a good gift for men this age.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Warm Weather and Summer Scents - Thoughts and a preview of reviews

It is a sunny 81 degrees outside and summer is definitely here on the East Coast and it is time to get some of the "warm weather scents" out of the back of the drawer. Keep in mind that I don't always follow the "this scent is for warm weather, this scent is for cold weather" thing, but as far as marketing goes, some scents are called summer or beach scents.  If you read a description of a cologne or perfume that says "clean, fresh, sparkling" it is likely a summer scent.

Our bodies act differently in the heat than in the colder months, we perspire therefore scents tend to last a shorter time and tend to project a bit more as well. Be aware of the setting you are going into when you apply cologne or perfume in the summer. Also be aware that other products you use in the summer (sunblock, moisturizer, deodorant/antiperspirant) sometimes have added fragrance and can mix well or poorly with cologne. My favorite summer scent is a mix of coconut and suntan lotion!

Over the next few weeks I am going to review a number of these "summer scents". I have already worn and reviewed some that would fall into this category namely: Eau des Baux L`Occitane en Provence for MenLight Blue Pour Homme by Dolce & GabbanaTommy Bahama for Men by Tommy BahamaUomini for Men by O'boticario, and Acqua di Parma Colonia. However I have a few others that I will be wearing this summer so you can read my thoughts.

If you have suggestions or thoughts, as always, feel free to let me know!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels pour homme

Midnight in Paris Van Cleef & Arpels pour homme: A Review
Fifty shades of cologne - an adult review of an adult cologne.

Everything from the bottle to name of this cologne is high quality, sensual, and erotic. This is a cologne that was made to seduce, to allure, to draw people in. It is marketed as ‘pour homme’, but it is completely unisex - if a the woman in question isn't tied to sweetness and floral notes.  

Paris is a city of art, beauty, history,  and magnificence. it is also a city of secrets, bloodshed, the Moulin Rouge, the Can-Can, and the Quartier Pigalle. Midnight in Paris is a similarly complex creation.

First let me say the bottle is beautiful. It is heavy blue / golden tinted glass with constellations on it. The sprayer is of high quality. The bottle feels good in your hand.

Now on to the scent. The Initial notes for me were this warm peppery, sparking scent/feeling almost like the way your nose gets tickled when you drink ginger ale. This was surprising and enjoyable! Then things got a little darker. The leather hits you. The leather hits you like a Dominatrix telling you to be a good boy and then hitting you with the crop. It is strong but wonderful. This isn't the same kind of stuffy aristocratic leather that you find in Creed’s Royal English Leather. This is a working class leather, a sexier leather, a leather that you use, cherish and sweat on.

Then as the playdate with this scent continues you are drawn in. You find your self thinking about it, wondering what is next, how can you get more. Then you smell this quick succession of notes, like being blindfolded and touched, you aren't sure what is next and you can’t predict it. However frustrating it is, it does make you want to experience every note that is present. Midnight in Paris isn't clearly layered like other scents, it is a bit more chaotic and more erotic than some other carefully planned scents.

This is a complex, sexy scent that I am after one application, in love with. It is not overpowering, but it is bold, it is not jumbled or busy but it is esoteric. There is mystery here, and there is an interaction between the notes that is capricious and tantalizing. The citrus notes (bergamot and Italian lemon) bounce off the leather. The leather is cozying up to the amber and lily of the valley. The holly, the incense, and the tonka bean all roll around together in this creamy elixir that you want to coat yourself in and then you have this strange ménage à trois of benzoin, styrax, and green tea that is like an extract of lust.

A few warnings: 1) this is a bold choice, if you are new to cologne or are a more subtle person this may not be a choice for you (or it may be like that piece of lingerie that you keep in the back of the closet for someone special). 2) This is very adult and it is ALL about sex. On a day when you are feeling just mildly flirty or just happy, this isn't for you. This cologne basically says, “I want it and I want it now”. 3) This scent is addictive you will be holding your wrist up to your nose all day long.


Sillage: 6 (This projects but not intrusively)

Longevity: 9 (this lasts all day but is very dynamic)

Flavor: Sensual, spicy, gourmand

Overall rating 9 out of 10. I love this scent. I am so glad I bought it (and it was a nearly blind buy as I had only smelled it once). It is a wonderfully erotic cologne that is evocative and crystal clear about the message it is sending. If you want something sexy, and bold, and hell maybe a little bit slutty - go for it! Midnight in Paris is a great choice.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Eau des Baux L`Occitane en Provence for Men

Eau des Baux L`Occitane en Provence for Men: A Review

The other day I had to go through the hell of visiting the Apple store. It is way too hip and there are way to many things I want to buy. The only redeeming part of this visit was that there is a L’Occitane en Provence store right next door, so I popped in. (By the way for a fun video on how to pronounce this company's name, click here.)

L’Occitane is of course a french house, that primarily makes make up and other skin care products. However they have a great line of scents that are very nice and reasonably priced. I bought a 3.4oz (100.55 ml) bottle of this scent for $52.00. Their other frangrances are similarly priced.

Now on to Eau des Baux this “masculine scent” is named for a city fortress in the south of France. Cypress was one of the symbols associated with the knights of this fortress and it figures prominently in this scent. It is sexy but not overpoweringly so, it is very unisex and easy to wear (as long as you aren’t look for a light floral citrus thing). The only down side is the bottle feels and looks a little cheap and the sprayer is gray plastic.

Upon application you are first struck with a sparkly peppery smell. Pink pepper and Cardamom give your nose a little tickle that absolutely makes you smile after about an hour the scent dries down to incense and cypress which are very intense, but behind that are vanilla and tonka bean. This scent is rich and warm and comforting, but also very alluring. It draws you in and makes you want to stay close.

It brings to mind a camping trip. A couple sits by a fire, the air is cool almost cold, and a fire made of fragrant wood is starting to die down. They lean in and their lips meet, not for the first time and not for the last, but as always it is new and magical.


Sillage: 6 this projects very well but it is not overwhelming.

Longevity: 9 I applied this scent at 6:15 this morning and it is still going strong 12 hours later. 

Flavor: oriental, woodsy, rich

Overall Rating: 9 out of 10. I can tell this is going to be a new favorite of mine. It is dark and earthy, rich and alluring, in short - sexy. A lot of reviewers say it is a winter scent, but I don’t see it that way. I think it can be worn all year around, but on the hottest days of the year it might get too dark and too rich. This is a *recommended buy* for anyone who likes woody rich scents. It is affordable, accessable, and fun to say: L’Occitane En Provence Eau Des Baux!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Light Blue Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana

Light Blue Pour Homme by  Dolce & Gabbana: A Review

A reader requested that I sample D&G Light Blue as it was one of her favorites. I was hesitant because in reading about it I figured it was one of many “clean, fresh, crisp” summer scents. I already have three or four of these and they bore me. Well the good news is that Light Blue surprised me. It is clean, and crisp, and fresh, but it also has some darker masculine sensuality that is lacking in some of the other summery scents.

Light Blue starts with your typical summer citrus - bergamot, lime, lemon and orange, but D&G was smart they also added juniper to the top. This gives it a woody, gin smell that seems to make it a bit more grown up than some of this competitors like Acqua Di Gio. D&G claims that there is “frozen grapefruit peel” in the top but I am not getting it. The middle of this juice is the best of it and I wish it lasted longer! It has rosemary, Brazilian rosewood, and pepper. If they sold just the middle notes of Light Blue I would buy it! These three scents mix together in this rich, spicy chord that is very male, very sensual, and a bit mysterious. The only problem is that it doesn't last more than about an hour. Then this scent dries down into a familiar chord of incense, musk and oakmoss that reminds me of Bleu De Chanel and Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. So in short the top is nice and a bit different, the middle is wonderful and the bottom is familiar. I like this scent but I don’t love it. If I decide to buy it, I will likely wait until late summer when it won’t be as commonplace.

Like the juice itself, Light Blue conjures up three distinct images. The top brings to mind Gin and Tonics on the sandy beach, the middle, a gourmet dinner on the water with candles and wine, and finally the bottom brings to mind a mysterious liaison with someone exciting. I wish the images were clearer and more intertwined but I also wish this of the cologne it self.


Sillage: 3 - this scent stays very close to the skin

Longevity::7 Long Lasting (but as I said above the delicious middle is fleeting)

Flavor: Citrus, summery, crisp, masculine.

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10. This is a fun scent that doesn't live up to its potential. It is easy to wear, appealing, and fun. If the middle was more dominant it would be a classic. 

Monday, March 25, 2013

Wood Haven by Kerosene

Wood Haven by Kerosene: A Review

Wood Haven by Kerosene brings to an end the samples I have from this niche house and it has been a very fun journey. This house brings a lot to the table: high quality, interesting combinations of notes, fun and interesting scents, and most of all - something different! It is great to see someone doing things differently and not trying to produce a copy of something successful. They seem to be following their "nose" and trying new things. I may purchase samples of the remaining scents just to sample their entire line. 

Now on to Wood Haven...

Wood Haven is an interesting blend of seemingly discordant notes. It has florals, citruses, woods, spices and even some musks. Mixing these notes can either be dangerous or wonderful. Much like mixing paints, you can either get a big glop of grey mud or an abstract masterpiece from Jackson Pollock. Thankfully, Wood Haven is much closer to the Pollock. Kerosene has created a wonderfully complex and very unisex juice. It has musky notes, but it never hits the uber-masculinity of Aramis and it has florals but never slides onto the same shelf as Flowerbomb.

When I first put Wood Haven on, I was hit with a strong blast of lemon, grapefruit, and ginger. This was a very strong punch and almost turned me off completely to the scent, but it didn't last. It was just an "attention-getter" that made me pay attention to the rest of the juice. Then I got this wonderful dance of juniper, cedar, and pink pepper, I wish this has lasted longer, but like any good thing it came to an end and left me wanting more. Finally Wood Haven dried down to a vetiver / citrus mix that I am still enjoying.

This scent brings to mind cooking a wonderfully decadent meal in a big kitchen that opens up into a great room with an open hearth fireplace. The aromas of the kitchen, the fire, and the people around you mixing together into a complex sensory delight. This would be a great scent for fall and winter, and I may consider purchasing it when the calendar rolls around next year.


Sillage: 6 (the middle and bottom project quite well after the initial blast)

Longevity: 9.

Flavor: complex including citrus, spice and floral

Overall Rating 7 out of 10. This is a wonderfully interesting scent and along with Santalum Slivers is one of the Kerosene I am most likely to purchase in the future. This is mature, it is complex, and it is a bit dark so this is not a scent for the clubs or a hot summer day, but it is certainly wearable for almost anyone.

FAREWELL TO KEROSENE: I have enjoyed sampling this niche house and I hope it provided my readers some guidance. Remember Kerosene is available exclusively at Min of New York 

If you are interested in me reviewing particular houses or scents, drop me an email.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Unknown Pleasures by Kerosene

Unknown Pleasures by Kerosene: A Review.

Another of these very enjoyable scents from this niche house, Unknown pleasures is described by the perfumer as, “"You're walking down a cold street in Manchester, listening to Joy Division, sipping on a warm cup of London Fog. This fragrance opens up with the smooth sweetness of honey with Earl Grey tea, with a zing of lemon. It dries down to a cozy vanilla, soft tonka bean and waffle cone base, sure to make any gourmand lover smile."  What a great description. As a very avid tea drinker, this scent is very appealing and quite wonderful. When I first put it on, I didn’t get the tea notes, it was very sweet and caramel flavored, but as the day wore on, i started to get the tea scent coming through.

This is another Kerosene scent that doesn’t have clear note levels, instead it has a cacophony of scents that mix and interplay as you wear it. There is honeycomb, and tonka, and tea, as well as citrusy lemon and caramel as well as a hint of very light vanilla. It is a lighter scent, and while a gourmand, it is also a touch feminine. Not to say that it isn’t unisex, but the scent seems to touch a softer side of my mind. I don’t get quite the image the designer gave above, more a Sunday late morning in May, sitting in a tea shop, reading the New York Times, and wondering what the day will bring.

Overall I like this scent very much, but I am not sure I would find a time to wear it that would make it worth the purchase. Someone looking for a lighter gourmand that won’t be too powerful, but will draw people in, will find this a great scent.


Sillage: 5  - the sweet notes project very well

Longevity 9 - this has lasted from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and is still quite noticable.

Flavor: Sweet gourmand.

Overall rating: 6 out of 10. This is an interesting scent that many people will enjoy. It would be a good scent to round out a starting collector that wanted something out of the ordinary and not to be found on others. If you are a tea drinker, this scent will work for you!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fields of Rubus by Kerosene

Fields of Rubus by Kerosene: A Review

Fields of Rubus is a scent by the niche house Kerosene and like the others I have sampled it is, if nothing else, interesting. The name comes from a genus of rose plants that includes blackberries and raspberries. 

The scent opens with what I describe as a blackberry / campfire scent. That may sound strange, but there is a strong woody smell with a mix of tobacco that smells like a campfire made with fruit wood. Then almost immediately comes an rich, dark, muddy, patchouli/incense note that mixes with plum and even more woody notes that mixes with a light musk and sandalwood.

This juice is tricky and somewhat elusive. It doesn't have a clear top, middle, and bottom. Instead the notes seem to dance and sparkle back and forth almost randomly. I also don't get a clear mental image of this scent, it is more like walking through woods and having different scents surround you. I like it but it is not something I would likely wear, it isn't ordered enough for my senses, which is more a statement about me than the cologne.

Fields of Rubus is a very outdoorsy scent, and the notes are very enjoyable. It is clear that the creator used high quality ingredients and took their time with this cologne and on the right person it would be lovely and mysterious and provocative. If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, outdoorsy, and hard to pin down, Fields of Rubus might be for you.


Sillage: 6

Longevity: 4

Flavor: woody, fruity, incense

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10. This is an interesting, complex scent comprised of high quality ingredients. I think it would be great for someone with an outdoorsy adventurous attitude looking for something out of the ordinary.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Santalum Slivers by Kerosene

Santalum Slivers by Kerosene: A Review

The third scent from Kerosene that I am reviewing is Santalum Slivers. Santalum is a genus of flowering woody plants that includes Indian sandalwood. This cologne is a fresh, citrusy scent that manages to differentiate itself from the other “fresh, clean, citrus scents” that are out there (and there are hundreds) by using unique notes like hay and cucumber.

When you first put on this cologne it has a bright citrusy scent (lemon dominated) that has a strong vetiver note that comes across as a bit metallic upon application. As it dries down you get this very interesting mix of hay, sandalwood, and cucumber. It finally dries down to a earthy pepper smell that is very very interesting and enjoyable.

To me this scent paints a picture of a hot summer afternoon, drinking gin and tonics, laughing with friends. It isn't a sexual scent to me. it is much more of a lighthearted, carefree, laughing scent. I have a few more Kerosene scents to try but so far this is the one I like the most and that is likely to fill a gap in my cologne collection. My only criticism is that it doesn't project as well as it could and it could last a bit longer on my skin.


Sillage: 3 (this rides very close to the skin after the initial application)

Longevity: 4

Flavor: citrus/woody

Overall Rating: 7 out of 10. This is a very interesting, happy light scent that could easily be worn by men or women. It is unlike other bright clean scents I own and have smelled and may end up being a buy for me.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Whips & Roses by Kerosene

Whips & Roses by Kerosene: A Review

Today I am going review the second scent from Kerosene, “Whips & Roses”. When I first put this on the leather and roses were very very powerful as well as a hint of something beachy, maybe sandalwood? So right from the outset it was like a cat fight between a biker chick and a slightly drunk bridesmaid at the end of a long ocean side wedding reception. There are other notes listed at Fragantica, but frankly I didn't smell any others. About an hour in, there was a medicinal smell, which might have been the iris,which reminds me of hospitals for some unknown reason, but I am not sure. Even that did not last long, within 30 minutes it was gone and we were back to the hair pulling, face scratching fight between leather and roses. For the rest of the time I had this on I smelled one or the other, and very rarely both of them together.

The leather smell is that of new fresh leather, not old well broken in leather and the rose is a dusty rose or an English rose which is spicier than the roses we normally get here in the U.S. Overall there were some disappointments in this scent: first, it did not project for me very well and I had to get right against my skin to smell it at all. Second, it also didn't last as long as other scents I have. I put it on at 10 am or so and by 6 pm it was gone. I think my biggest disappointment in this scent is that it wasn't as complex as I wanted it to be or as the name suggested. "Whips & Roses" brings to mind more than just leather and roses, it brings to mind sex and kink and adventure. To make this scent more like it's name it should have been spicier, darker, a little rougher, and a bit more lusty. Sadly, I found it to be linear and too straightforward.

I am sure that there are people who will like this scent, but I don’t think it is for me. I think I want a little more skank if I am going to watch a cat fight.


Sillage: 3

Longevity: 4

Flavor: Floral and Leather.

Overall rating: 4 out of 10. This is the second scent I tested from Kerosene and I was expecting more. I think the name Whips & Roses lead to me believe I was going to get something dark and mysterious and sexy, and I didn’t get what I expected. I have four more to test from Kerosene and even with this one not being to my taste, I am looking forward to the rest of the collection.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Copper Skies by Kerosene

Copper Skies by Kerosene: A Review

As I mentioned in a previous post, I ordered samples from a niche house called Kerosene. I was really excited to get these samples, as the descriptions on Fragantica of both the scents and the house are quite intriguing. When I opened the package from Min, the scents were in individual plastic bags, with cards and the names of the scents on the cards. Note: this isn’t always the case with samples from other places, so this makes me more likely to purchase scents from Min.

The first of the scents that I am going review is called Copper Skies. The perfumer describes the scent as, “Copper Skies is exactly how amber should be. Sweet, but not overly. Rich, but not headache inducing. This fragrance is smooth, slightly smokey, earthy and delectable”. While this description was clearly written by a marketing department, it isn't too far off the mark.

When I first put this on (7:00 AM), it had an almost metallic quality to it, the amber was there, as was the tobacco - be clear here this is a sweet pipe tobacco with fruity overtones, but there was something sharp. The sharpness faded out and the other scents remained. This was the scent for at least an hour or so, then it dried down into a basil/beeswax/incense mix that was really subtle but very nice. Then around 11:45 AM, the scent was gone. I may have acclimated to it, but it was gone. I was a bit disappointed because I had thought that this cologne would stick around a bit. Then around 1:30 PM I started to pick up a woody, amber, musky, smell that was almost like castoreum, but not quite as feral. The base in this is really different, but very nice, unique and is still detectable at 6:30 pm. Overall I would describe this scent as dusky and dark and woody, it is sexy but a rough, raw, kind of sexy.

The mental picture on this is colors and shapes, reds, yellows, browns, deep deep blues all in big, bold sweeps, very abstract, very modern. It feels like a colder weather scent but I think heat might bring out different notes. In any case it is a very interesting scent and very different than anything I own. That being said, it is also very pricey ($140.00 for 100 ml)  so I am not sure I will be purchasing a bottle, but I might buy another $5.00 sample to wear on occasion. It is well worth $5.00 to try this one out.


Sillage: 7

Longevity: 9 (there seemed to be a break in the middle)

Flavor: niche perfume, hard to categorize - amber and smokey notes lean towards oriental.

Overall Rating: 6 out of 10. This is a niche scent that might be a little too esoteric for some people. It is dusky and dark, unlike much of the fragrance market that is currently focused on clean and fresh scents. When Ralph Lauren, or Kenneth Cole put out a "dark" or "black" or "night" version, this is what they want you to think their flanker scent will be (it never is), So if you want that darkness, this is what you are looking for. If you want to take a risk and walk on the darker side of scent, It is worth getting a sample and trying it out. Not a lot of people are going to own this one so If you end up loving this one, you can really make this scent an olfactory signature.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Play Intense for Men by Givenchy

Play Intense for Men by Givenchy: A Review

Did you watch SNL on Saturday night? Justin Timberlake joined the “5 timers club” with the likes of Steve Martin, Paul Simon, and Tom Hanks. It was quite a good episode. You may be wondering what this has to do with cologne, well in 2008, Givenchy launched Play Intense for men and J.T. was their spokesman.

Givenchy is a french fashion and accessory house that was founded in the 1950’s they generally have high quality scents and they are well respected in the perfumer’s world. Play Intense is a fun, flirty, spicy, scent that is both cool and classy. It is very easy to wear, it smells wonderful and it very versatile. It is good for work and for an evening out.

This is one of those times where I talk about the bottle. The Play Intense bottle is nice. It is heavy glass, and feels substantial in your hand. It is shaped like an MP3 Player with buttons painted on the front. The only thing I don’t like about it is the sprayer. It isn't awful but it has this rubbery plastic cover on it that makes it hard to depress sometimes. (Yes I am being picky).

So how to describe Play intense. Well it is one of those scents that changes throughout the day. When you first apply it you get a hit of citrusy bergamot and mandarin orange, but on me this lasts about 5 minutes and then it dries down to this wonderfully spicy coffee scent. Pink pepper, coffee, and tonka bean give it a kick that lasts several hours and then it dries down to a warmer patchouli vetiver base. It isn't too intense and it isn’t overwhelming, it just smells good. It is also fairly inexpensive, well worth a try!

It paints a picture for me of sitting around a table in a bar, having a few drinks with friends and maybe flirting with someone at another table, nothing dramatic, nothing overly pushy, just some smiles and looks!

Additional Note: Since we are talking about Givenchy today, here is a little video to help you pronounce the names of French brands.


Sillage: 3

Longevity: 7

Flavor: Gourmand, spicy

Overall Rating: 5 out of 10. Play Intense is a fun flirty scent. It is easy to wear on almost any occasion. If you are new to fragrances or want to try something that you will like and is easy to wear, you can’t go wrong with Play Intense.